Mapping of Tunisians Residing in Italy: Socioeconomic Profile and Propensity to Invest in Tunisia 

This study was developed by the research department of the Association of the Diaspora PONTES Ricerche e Interventi on behalf of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Tunisia within the framework of the Mobi-TRE project “Migration as a Resource: Mobilizing the Tunisian Diaspora and Stabilizing Disadvantaged Communities in Tunisia”. This project was funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). Through an incremental methodology based on national statistical data as well as a field study, the study explored the characteristics and profiles of Tunisians Residing in Italy (TRI) from demographic and socioeconomic perspectives with regard to investment and entrepreneurial propensities in Tunisia. Understanding migratory trajectories and intersecting the professional choices of respondents in the field study were both essential to identify the expectations, needs, and obstacles that the Tunisian diaspora in Italy might have regarding the issue of investment in Tunisia. A set of operational recommendations has been formulated, addressing not only the actors involved in the Mobi-TRE project but also institutions and organizations interested in promoting development through the investment of TRI in Tunisia. 



The Mobi-TRE project is funded by AICS and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Tunis. It is supported by a consortium of partners comprising the Tunisian government (i.e., several ministries and public administrations), civil society, and the private sector in both Tunisia and Italy.

To manage the project, the IOM has set up a project management team whose role is to coordinate the interventions of all stakeholders in the project and to ensure compliance with the planned schedule for the execution of these interventions...


Call for applications for the selection of Tunisian entrepreneurs in Tunisia and investors from the Tunisian diaspora in France, Italy, Germany, Côte d’Ivoire, and Saudi Arabia for entrepreneurship in Tunisia 

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The Investment Guide for Tunisians Living Abroad, resulting from the “Mobi-TRE” project, provides essential information on the procedures related to investment promotion.

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Tunisia has been an IOM member since 1999. The IOM office in Tunisia was established in 2001. IOM strongly believes that humane and orderly migration is beneficial for migrants and society.

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