In Tunisia, the legal framework for investment has undergone a major transformation with the repeal of the Investment Incentives Code in favor of Investment Law No. 2016-71 of September 30, 2016. These reforms have strengthened the country's appeal to both domestic and foreign investors.

The new law offers incentives to stimulate the economy, encourage entrepreneurship and promote employment. Investment promotion is a priority for the Tunisian government, with specific initiatives to support projects, particularly in priority regional development areas.

The Guide de l'investissement pour les Tunisiens Résidant à l'Étranger (Investment Guide for Tunisians Living Abroad), one of the outcomes of the "Mobi-TRE" project, provides essential information on investment promotion procedures. It covers formalities, the steps involved in setting up a business, financial and tax advantages, and funding mechanisms.

This guide is intended to become a reference for Tunisians living abroad, encouraging investment and diaspora contribution to economic development.

P.S.: Please note that information may be subject to change depending on legislative revisions and financial incentives in Tunisia.

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Call for applications for the selection of Tunisian entrepreneurs in Tunisia and investors from the Tunisian diaspora in France, Italy, Germany, Côte d’Ivoire, and Saudi Arabia for entrepreneurship in Tunisia 

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The Investment Guide for Tunisians Living Abroad, resulting from the “Mobi-TRE” project, provides essential information on the procedures related to investment promotion.

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IOM provides you with a dynamic map showing all entrepreneurial projects

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Tunisia has been an IOM member since 1999. The IOM office in Tunisia was established in 2001. IOM strongly believes that humane and orderly migration is beneficial for migrants and society.

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